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Music and Wellness

The PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE! program follows the Music and Wellness philosophy by offering people of all ages a chance to step back from daily stressors, and encourages self-exploration and expression through music.

Most people want to learn and play the piano for daily enjoyment and personal gratification. They want to play for themselves as well as for their friends and family and to share the joy and exhilaration of the music they create.

  • Music and Wellness is MORE than about inspiring extraordinary music-making, it’s about inspiring extraordinary life.
  • Music and Wellness is MORE than about exceptional performance, it’s about exceptional support and personal experience.
  • Music and Wellness is MORE than about teaching people to play, it’s about giving them permission to play.
  • The best Music and Wellness facilitators are MORE than just talented musicians, They are caring, compassionate and intuitive musical guides.


 Drawing on the great lessons we have learned and are still learning through the immense wealth of knowledge from our friends throughout the Music and Medical professions, I have humbly grown to appreciate the many benefits of Music and Wellness to the basic Human existence we all share. I know research has been shared that proves some of these benefits with undoubted accuracy. And it gives me and our wonderful team great pride in knowing that it is from this huge basis of knowledge, that we share and promote our program for Music and Wellness, using the Piano as the vehicle for this proven benefit to overall health both in mind and body.

Music therapy is a well known and well established healthcare profession. Music Therapy and the practice of Music and Wellness use music to address, compliment and improve the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs of adults and children at any age. Music therapy differs from other music activities and programs because the Music Therapist selects ways to teach assist and intervene which influence overall positive human functioning in a positive and desirable way in order to meet program, treatment and individual goals and aspirations.

The desire and overall personal need to respond to music has been theorized to be innate, and although desirable musical performance abilities are always a pleasant outcome, does not require or at all depend on any musical training or ability.

Music has been proven to possess a powerful and unique presence among the professional therapeutic media to enjoy, engage, empower and sustain the attention and positive response of professional colleagues and patients alike. Assisted and / or taught by a trained music therapist, music proves continually to accomplish a varied and comprehensive array of therapeutic objectives and goals. An important vital and present portion of our daily social family professional and interactive lives, music is an extremely unifying, innately present and forceful power that further proves the JaRic Records slogan ‘bringing people together through Music’.

People across the world crossing all barriers and lines of geography, language and culture find Music a primary and enduring source of entertainment, spiritual enrichment and enlightenment, body and mind strengthening and an overall awakening and opening of the body’s senses which therefore enhance and improve our complexity of our life experiences.

PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE! Founder Rick DePiro

About Music Therapy

Research shows that music therapy can achieve the following:

  1. Enhancing memory
  2. Alleviating pain
  3. Promoting wellness
  4. Greater expression in feelings
  5. REDUCING and managing stress
  6. Promoting physical rehabilitation

About Music Therapists

Music therapists are certified experts in their field and earn their degree(s) (baccalaureate and masters) including courses in music, psychology, biology, and behavioral sciences. Therapists complete a six-month clinical internship. Additionally they sit for a national board certification exam and thusly earn the credentials, MT-BC, (which stands for Music Therapist-Board Certified) Their invaluable education and experience as specialists assist in making the PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE program the finest program available for fun. stress reduction, wellness and playing the piano!

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