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What is Recreational Music Making?

Karl Bruhn stated “Recreational Music Making encompasses enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling group music-based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of their challenges, backgrounds, ethnicity, ability or prior experience.”
(quoted from the “father” of the Music Making and Wellness movement”, Karl Bruhn)

What is the connection between Music Making and Wellness?

Since the time of Socrates and Plato, people have recognized the benefits of making music. As early as the 1990’s, a group of music industry and medical professionals set out to determine whether or not a first recreational music making experience could reverse stress-induced biological changes that can lead not only significant positive changes in blood pressure levels, melatonin, serotonin and natural human growth hormone levels, as well as serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. The research team discovered that participating in this controlled study group of over 150 people produced far greater reversal of stress-induced changes at the DNA level than typical relaxation activities and their counterparts in a matched-size group where there were no music classes involved during the same 20 weeks showed NO significant positive changes whatsoever. This scientific breakthrough was then published in the New England Journal of Medicine and provides key evidence documenting the extraordinary lifestyle benefits of Music and Wellness and recreational music making, the foundations of the PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE!™ program. You can read more about this research publication in the Music and Wellness section of this website.

Do I have to own an instrument to join?

No. There is no need to own a keyboard instrument of any type to participate in the PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE!™ program

I’ve never played an instrument before. Is that okay?

Absolutely, this program was designed particularly for those with little or no prior musical experience.

I took lessons before and struggled. Will I suffer the same disappointing results again?

Our PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE!™ program was created for people just like you. We have literally eliminated the learning curve for making music. No program has ever been easier. We are committed to ensuring your success from the start!

What if I already play?

Our PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE!™ program has SO MUCH to offer to everyone- even for those who already play. It’s really about exploring the joy of making music in a delightful, non-pressured manner.

Will I have to spend lots of time practicing?

NO Absolutely not!  There is no practice required! And, although practice always improves one’s ability to move forward and become more proficient, we have purposely eliminated the requirement to practice so that EACH member of our program can enjoy their experience at whatever pace suits them best as an individual without the pressures of typical “piano lesson programs”

When are classes offered?

Times vary from and by location. However, classes are typically offered during the day and in the evening (even on weekends). Please contact us for days and times.

How many sessions are in each level?
There are NO levels!  There are several books in the wonderful cirriculum written by our friends Debra Perez and Dr. Will Bailey and each participant will have the ability AND the opportunity to enjoy ALL of them.

How long is each weekly session?

Each enjoyable fun-filled session lasts approximately one hour.

When can I join?

Classes begin on a regular basis. Yet even if you miss a session, you can still join in. We respect your time and commitments, and welcome your participation. Remember… there’s never been a better time to get out and play!

What instruments do you teach with and use?

We teach our classes on the finest, easiest  and most advanced teaching pianos in the world, made by Roland Corporation. These instruments have been, and are, constantly welcomed as the primary instrument choice by a vast number of professional musicians, universities, schools of all levels, hobbyists, churches and anyone wanting to enjoy playing the piano across the world. Roland is the largest manufacturer of electronic musical instruments in the world.

How much do the classes cost?

Our program has been set up to be one of the most reasonably priced, and easiest to enter music-class programs in the USA. And, although we live in one of the most expensive and largest  metropolitan areas in the world, we have consciously lowered the individual cost of our program to compete in cost with some of the smallest areas in the USA!  Depending on what group affiliation you might have which would further reduce your cost most significantly, (like customers of Hollywood Piano, our Local Heroes in Law Enforcement, First Responders, Firefighters,Medical Professionals and our large Medical Affiliations and their subscribers, special interest groups like churches, schools, union members etc etc ) We have tailored our program prices to meet the needs of our friends and colleagues demands and requests to better suit our participants in this tough economy. IF you buy ONE Starbucks or Coffee Bean coffee a day, you can not only afford our classes,  but they’re more affordable than “today’s” coffee!

This is part of your overall health program for a better life. It is for YOU and those around you. IF you take any series of classes like yoga , martial arts, golf , health club memberships, etc, you can easily afford our classes. We don’t want you to choose between buying a car and taking music piano classes to improve your health and reduce your stress !  We want you to be able to enjoy our program WITHOUT the stress of paying $300 per month or even $200 / month ! Yes, that’s right, this amazing program is less than that! PLEASE contact us to learn more and if you’d like, we eagerly and openly WELCOME you and encourage you to consider signing up today!

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