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Written by Claire Naa
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Music has permeated every facet of Rick DePiro’s (http://en NULL.wikipedia distinguished career.  A protégé, first of Don Costa (http://en NULL.wikipedia then later in life, the legendary Johnny Cash, (http://en NULL.wikipedia American Country singer-songwriter, notable and award winning jazz pianist and popular/ jazz organist has spent over 20 years performing around the world as a solo artist and with many of the biggest names in Show Business.  Today, as one of the founders of the RADCO Music Group, this lifelong passion has resulted in the creation of the Play Music – Enjoy Life! Inc — a non-profit corporation offering Music and Wellness lessons for Piano.  Play Music – Enjoy Life! is a Music and Wellness program that teaches individuals of all levels to take pleasure in the benefits of active participation in music added to their life in order to reduce stress and add a bit of “Hope” and “Escape (http://www NULL.relayforlife” to those afflicted with and coping with the many serious and often debilitating consequences brought on by the onset and battling with grave illnesses and also for their Caregivers.

“There were no music schools like this when I was younger and first interested in playing the piano and still none that I was aware of even after more than 25 years as a professional musician and instructor. When I was taking lessons initially, the piano curriculums being offered were courses that did not hold my interest and attention or teach me the fun and inspirational aspects of the craft.  This series will emotionally engage people. They’ll be able to play quickly and without the need for practice! In turn, they have a richer experience that not only inspires them to continue honing their skills, but also incorporates relaxation techniques.  This is music for the soul – music for feeling better in life,” says DePiro.

Now not only  those afflicted with serious  illness but also those ranging from CEO’s, firemen, policemen, nurses, teachers or even the clerk at the local grocery store will have a reason to take these piano lessons, Classes are done weekly, in month-long segments and in a ‘fun group’ environment.  As part of the donation-only non-profit corporation, and a new and exciting national partnership with the American Cancer Society (http://www NULL.cancer, Classes will be eventually offered to more than 1,000,000 Cancer Survivors and their Caregivers annually at more than 90 locations across the USA in 37 cities starting with 10 locations in Southern California. This Custom Designed program will be taught by Music and Wellness experts including Music Therapists for those who really want to experience this wonderful “month long oasis in active music participation”.  Clearly establishing how a new type of methodology can be successfully intermingled with technology in an appealing way. “We are fortunate to have the very best expert advisors and instructors to help insure this programs success.”

While primarily offered for adults, there will also be classes available for a younger audience as well and one for Senior citizens suffering with Alzheimers and Dementia. “We also hope to eventually have classes for local Heroes in Law Enforcement, First Responders, Firefighters, Government Agencies, members of the military, medical professionals and their family members” reported DePiro.  The program will open it’s second location in early 2014 at Higher Vision Church (a newly built Mega-Church) in Valencia CA.  The program is co-managed by music and wellness veteran, Musical Artist and PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE! Vice President Troy Aleman.

” All people deserve positive experiences that promote a healthier lifestyle and this program offers them a choice where the benefits will spill over into their day-to-day life.” And DePiro further commented, “This is a tribute to all the people that love music  because when they smile after playing a song, you know that their day has been improved, even if just by a little bit. If my sister Jacki can use Music to help her cope and heal from 6 years of her sudden and ongoing loss of vision to the point where she inspired me to create this program, we believe many others will benefit as well.

The first school and actually our showcase location is in the well known Hollywood Piano Company (http://www NULL.hollywoodpiano in Burbank.  Another ten schools are planned from Santa Barbara to San Diego.  With eleven in all, this will be the only group of piano schools in Southern California introducing an alternative way for people to use music as a healing method.

Forming the RADCO Music Group is JaRic Records and Entertainment, RADCO Music Publishing and Carol Lynn Jewelry Designs (http://designsbycarollynn, DePiro is most excited by this , the only non-profit and charity based company he has ever formed.  All our companies involved in assisting in this endeavor  bring that little something special to the table to offer something more than traditional and boring piano lessons. By “bringing people together through music” and supported by the JaRic Record Label, a whole “Pro Music Insiders Experience” awaits.  Private studio sessions, special concert invitations, songwriting webcasts, and  music career coaching are all included in the Play Music – Enjoy Life! offerings. And all classes will be taught using state-of-the-art digital pianos.  In addition, private vocal lessons , free concerts and “lessons in coping” will be offered by JaRic Records (http://www NULL.jaricrecords NULL.html) co-founder, celebrated Jazz Artist and the inspiration behind the program, Jacki DePiro (http://www NULL.jackidepiro

“There’s  a message here, a bigger picture.   This is much more of a physical experience.  It is a morphing, interaction of music and healing.  We are fostering dreams by doing our small part for the bigger picture.  When the lights are turning green and all good things are falling into place, people smile and engage their hearts and their minds.  All around it is a win-win, and that’s what we’re hoping for with this program and this company for many years to come!.”

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